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We Have Rebranded

By September 24, 2014January 26th, 2023No Comments

The evolutionary process is one of the most astounding and awe-inspiring marvels in our universe. But even evolution itself had a few odd quirks from time to time (platypus, anyone?). Taking science and nature as inspiration, and being grand designers ourselves, we too decided to take a couple steps back in order to make great leaps forward. From our founding back in 2005, Clear pH has been in a constant state of growth, learning and progress. And over the course, we have taken massive paths forward to get where we are today. A new design firm with a fresh new approach. Full of new inspiration and new ideas – for you.

We’ve changed our look on the outside to reflect the progress we’ve made on the inside, revealing today our new logo and the refreshed look and feel of our web and social media presence. Our revamped identity reflects our expanding suite of design services and our progressive vision for the future. Simply put, our rebrand symbolizes a cleaner, yet more creatively distinct, direction for the future.

The name “Clear ph Design” will remain, however, the symbol that has always been the representative icon of the firm will be retired. The unique name “Clear ph” originated from the founders’ children’s first initials (Christian, Lilly, Elliot, Arabella and River) with “ph” standing for their surnames, Plota / Hughes. In 2006, just 6 months into the roll-out of the company, Troy Plota stepped aside as his fashion photography career expanded and kept him traveling the planet more than 7 months a year.

Richard Hughes, the other originating founder, has remained proud of the name and success of his agency. Leading the company’s evolution to this moment in 2014, the official 10 Year Anniversary of Clear ph Design, he added, “I am very proud of the steady growth of Clear ph over the past decade. We have been extremely fortunate to have amazing clients and incredibly talented staff members and partnerships. We take pride in not only working hand in hand with our clients but also working hand in hand with each other internally. Together we end up going that extra mile because we all truly care. This is what has brought us the accolades we are so honored to have received.”

“The vision for the rebrand is to let our clients and future clients know we are fun-loving approachable experts in our field. We are a nimble group with global brand experience, able to work alongside entrepreneurs, in-house agencies or large corporations. At the end of the day we created a new website that speaks to everyone because we let the work do all the talking.”

With the company’s overall goal to create a “Brand Culture” (an environment that radiates the highest quality of brand-love for what you as an organization stand for), we are hopeful that ours exudes who we are and what we can do for you, inside and out.

To our valued partners: Your day-to-day contacts and log-ins will remain unchanged. The only thing that has changed is our renewed energy to continue to provide you with stellar work, beyond expectation. We appreciate your ongoing business and look forward to working with you throughout our anniversary year and beyond.

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