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Hunter Warfield Loves The Hunt

By September 27, 2013January 26th, 2023No Comments

At ClearpH there’s nothing like a charity golf tournament where you get to give and receive!! Recently we attended the Shorecrest School fundraising golf tournament at Feather Sound Country Club where we bumped into an old friend Stephen Sobota, Founder & CEO of Hunter Warfield.

Stephen discussed his needs for finding a company that could create a strong print ad campaign that would catch the attention of a high end group of Executives and CEO’s. Hunter Warfield’s goals are to target larger fortune 500 companies through some specific events.

We created a series of designs and tag lines that spoke to the core of what they do. HUNT. Through photoshop we created these captivating landscapes with silhouettes of lone warriors scouring the earth, tracking down debtors. Simple and to the point our client was ecstatic and so are we. Hope you like.