What We Do Is Who We Are

Clear ph Design is more than a boutique design firm. We’re more than a handful of top-notch, award-winning creatives who constantly churn out globally-recognized work. We are our projects. We live them, breathe them, eat them and dream about them. Some people call it obsessive. We call it life. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

(And despite this intro, we’re also really quite modest – it’s our copywriter who isn’t.)

A Motley Crew

No, we’re not pirates. Or an 80s heavy metal band. But we are rock stars when it comes to branding. From concept to creation to execution (not the plank-walking kind), our tight-knit team of innovative visionaries have been crafting stellar campaigns since 2005. (And sometimes, just sometimes we like to wear tights, bandanas and eye patches. Because swashbuckler or guitar thrasher, it kind of just works.)


What We Provide


Shakespeare in his 16th century wisdom once asked “what’s in a name?” and decided that a rose is just a rose. Or something like that. But in today’s emotionally-driven, consumer-centric marketplace, a recognizable name and brand is the difference between success and whomever that guy was that wrote plays at the same time as Shakespeare.


Omni-channel, cross-device, programmatic, immersive, responsive… unimpressive. Yeah, yeah we know those “cutting-edge” compound buzzwords too. We just choose not to use them. We stay ahead of the tech game (and lingo) so you don’t have to. Don’t be dazzled by jargon, let our custom UX work do the talking for us. Because an agency’s portfolio should be its sales brochure, not the other way around. (BTW, we love it when you call us Big Data. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


Whoever said print was dead was probably a tree, and probably really was dead. Although not the most environmentally sound option for marketing, print it is still a viable, highly profitable approach for many businesses. Plus, there’s all sorts of eco-options to reduce your carbon footprint (and give you that warm and fuzzy “did a good thing” feeling). Don’t worry, we’ll hook you up – while also creating memorable, tangible, lasting impressions with your customers.

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  • Naming Strategy & Architecture
  • Corporate & Product Naming
  • Brand Voice
  • URL Strategy & Acquisition
  • Brand Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Corporate Identity
  • Collateral Systems
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Retail & Environmental Design
  • Brand Packaging
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Launches
  • Brand Advertising
  • Brand Voice
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Brand Videos & Animation
  • Trade Shows & Events
  • Web Strategy
  • Web Architecture & Design
  • Microsites
  • Mobile Applications
  • App Development
  • Product UI Coding & Development
  • Brand Culture Strategy
  • Internal Marketing
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Management

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