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Culture Matters

Crafting exceptional experiences for brands and humans through the convergence of form and function.

Clear ph is an interdisciplinary collective of creatives who tell meaningful brand stories through the alchemy of space and design. We have cultivated a culture of like-minded artists, propelled by the creative forces of the fine arts, driven with fervor by the unrealized potential of the spaces and brands we bring to life. We are not bound by the capabilities of the individual but liberated by the capabilities of the whole.

Clear ph crafts holistic brands from the beating heart out. We believe in a multilayered,  interdisciplinary approach that intimately merges strategy, emotion, and design — resulting in a story so impactful you can feel it.

2024 marks the twentieth anniversary of Clear ph Design. Since its conception, Clear ph has covered enormous creative ground, excelling in a truly remarkable variety of industries, from personal brands to product conceptualization, video production to environmental design for Fortune 500 companies. The beautiful and burgeoning city of St. Petersburg, Florida, with it’s resort-town flavor and dense community of artists, has become our enduring home. The diversity found in St. Pete is a meaningful reflection of that found within the clientele of Clear ph itself. Our clients fuel our passion, providing us with the raw material needed to create award-winning work. The work that has, more importantly, won the loyalty and continued friendships of hundreds of clients throughout the world.

Intercontinental team of creatives.
Every member is mighty.

Richard Hughes

Founder / CCO

Camryn Hulvat

Account Manager

Kayla Regalado

Art Director

Melissa Schwarz

Interior Designer

Brooke Rogers

Graphic Designer

Danny Breckenridge
UX Architect & Digital Technologist
Lindsey Humburg

Executive Administrator

Lamis Kanaan

Interior Designer

Hannah Morris

Interior Designer