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Clearly Best Of The Bay Picks

By August 6, 2013January 26th, 2023No Comments

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Readers Poll 2013

Survey ends August 29 at 11:59 PM

Remember, you need to fill out at least 24 questions for your survey to count. If you need to stop voting and finish your ballot at a later date, just hit “Save and Exit” and you can revisit the questionnaire any time before voting ends. When you are done voting, hit the “Finish” button at the bottom of the survey. If you fill out 24 or more questions, and you forget to hit the “Finish” button, no worries, your votes will still be counted when the polls close. Below are some shameless self-promotion picks of what we clearly feel is the Best of the Bay!


Best City: Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater? Now that you’ve learned the ropes, here are some of our suggestions.

Best Dog Park: Crescent Lake

Best Local Hero: Jason Smith

Best Local Activist: Gulf Coast Bird Rescue

Best Local Blogger: ClearpH

Best Local Website: ClearpH

Best Local Facebook Page: Keep St. Pete Local

Best Local Non-Profit: Gulf Coast Bird Rescue

Best Place to Volunteer: Gulf Coast Bird Rescue

Best Local College or University: USFSP

Best Professor (include school): Matt Normand, USFSP

Best Local Pro Sports Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Best Sports Coach: Joe Maddon

Best Rays Player: Evan Longoria

Best Place to Take the Kids: Three Birds Tavern


Best Local Company: ClearpH

Best Independent Retailer: Daddy Kool

Best Entrepreneur: Chris Harvey

Best Tattoo Artist: Evil Don

Best Real Estate Agent: Chau Nguyen, MBA


Best All-Around Restaurant: Three Birds Tavern

Best Banh Mih: Z Grille

Best Soup: Three Birds Tavern

Best Sushi Restaurant: Rollbotto

Best Sandwich Shop/Deli: Lucky Dill

Best Coffee Shop: Kahwa

Best Tea Shop: Hooker Tea

Best Local Brewery: Rock Bros.

Best Local Beer: High Road Ale


Best Local Band: Tallhart

Best Record Store: Daddy Kool

Best Local Record Label: Big3 Records

Best Music Festival: Pelican Pop Fest

Best Museum: Chihuly

Best Art Gallery (non-museum): Blue Lucy

Best Local Photographer: Troy Plota

Best Club DJ: DJ Fresh


Best Category We Forgot: Best Creative Company!