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Clear ph Goes to College

By March 12, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments

With graduation just around the corner, we reflect on our year at school.


Think Outside

Studying in a swaying hammock, seaside, under the St. Petersburg sunshine: this is the image Clear pH paints on Eckerd College campus’ canvas. We have collaborated our creative minds to rejuvenate the face of Eckerd College for the impending students.

Brand Culture

Eckerd College maintained an incredible brand prior to our involvement, but we are capable of making the great even greater. More often than not, though, working with an existing brand can actually pose as a more complex project than working from the ground up with a company without an equitable brand.

Eckerd College is all about “Forward Thinking”, so we adapted to that immediately when designing a full campaign for the school. With an emphasis on experience, journey, inspiration, and service, we’ve redesigned Eckerd College’s website layout, Visit Pamphlet, Travel Poster, and enticing View Book. Basically, it looks so good, we thought about applying.

Say Cheese!

We knew we needed up to date imagery of the stunning campus, shot in a colorful, glossy lifestyle. Troy Plota, an international photographer, captured the campus’ beauty through his lens and we’ve incorporated those images throughout the campaign. The images help personify the school and really express the true culture of the campus.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Dean of Admissions and head recruiter, John Sullivan, alongside with the Director of Marketing, Valarie Gliem chose Clear pH Design over a New York agency not to rebrand, but to revamp their already established brand. (St. Pete: 1, NYC: 0). Centered around a core belief on well-rounded students’ focus on service, travel, and inspiration, Eckerd College is now as visibly enthusing as it is tangibly captivating. The results are in and admissions are way up!

Take a look at the website (view site). We collaborated with Eckerd’s in-house team.