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By April 29, 2016No Comments

New York Standup  

We are excited to be partners of yet another, Aspen Venture Group development. The Brownstones – will be located on 1st St. N and 4th Ave. – summon a classy New York City touch to bustling Downtown St. Petersburg.

Bringing Things to Life

Clear pH worked to bring the Brownstones’ blueprints to a whole new level designing the interiors to maximize their $2M price point. These renderings, which illustrate the interior décor and the set up of each of the 4 homes, are featured on the website that we have established for the Brownstones (see website). The sleek, well-organized layout of the website reflects the elegance of the new homes. The branding and marketing tools including coffee table book, stationary, web and floor plans.

[vc_single_image image=”1354″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”]

We are eager to see the Brownstones bloom New York City culture throughout the streets of our beloved city, St. Petersburg.