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Clear ph Rolls Out the Red Carpet – ADDYs 2016

By February 16, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments

We put our computer mouses to rest, traded our HTMLs for ties, hired babysitters for our pups, hopped into our horse drawn carriages and off to the ADDYs we went! This wasn’t our first rodeo at the ADDYs, but the American Advertising Awards sure were good to us this year.

Our Clear pH creatives worked super hard all year – whether for clients or for themselves (TEN!) – and each finished product proved to be yet another sample of excellence.

Despite slightly rebelling against the black and white theme and dress code, we stood out for the right reasons, as well. “Clear pH” echoed throughout The Cuban Club during the 2016 American Advertising Awards, representing the 6 Silvers, 2 Golds, and one Best of the Bay recognitions we received that evening.

We proudly took home Silvers for Interactive Web for Eckerd College, Website Designs for Asgard Worldwide and Eckerd College, Logo Design for Creative Chemistry, Design for American Cocktail and Cuisine for Station House, and Video Design for American Heart Association. We struck Gold for our Website Design for Course Collection and Environmental Design and Best of the Bay for Station House.

Here at Clear pH, we strive for client satisfaction, self-progression, and quality creativity. Our dedication and passion for brand culture makes us stand out. We choose to be fuchsia in a crowd of black and white.