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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About the Type of Coworker You Are

By June 5, 2018January 19th, 2023No Comments

Is your career on the line if the stars don’t align?

Have you ever wondered what kind of employee or boss your coworkers perceive you to be? Like all aspects in life, your zodiac sign has an influence on the things you value in a career. The qualities you exhibit around your place of work might be tied directly to when you were born and your astrological influences.

In an article for Marie Claire, astrologer Kelli Fox of reveals what kind of coworker you are based on your star sign, what makes you succeed in a work environment, and what professions will make you an absolute boss (pun, intended)


Aries are natural-born leaders, oftentimes making them the lead of the herd. They are enthusiastic, driven, innovative and independent. If there’s a new project or opportunity at hand, you can bet an Aries will be the first to the plate. Aries are the “yes” people, the go-getters and sometimes even the bossypants. Surround yourself with Aries and you may even catch their contagious, optimistic attitude.

Ideal Careers: Management Professional, CEO, Organization Leader 



Taurus are all about quality of life within the workplace. They want to channel their level-headed abilities into dedication and energy to produce a high-quality return. Taureans understand how dependable their work ethic is. Insanely sensible beings, they do require a secure work setting. Surround yourself with a practical Taurus and you are bound to bond easily over the beauty of life.

Ideal Careers: Luxury Sales, Public Relations, Banking and Finance Careers



Geminis thrive in any stimulated environment that offers a chance to interact with different types of people. With their initial talkative charm. Geminis are naturals with expressive communication. Geminis excel in sales positions and possess the power to persuade anyone into purchasing the right product or service to fit their needs. With their quick-wit, Geminis are able to work on multiple projects at once. They are noted for boosting energy and may have multiple side gigs alongside their main career.

Ideal Careers: Communications, Project manager, Artist
Gemini Spotlight: Chase Moore, Managing Broker


You can count on Cancers to be loyal team members when it comes to co-working. Cancers are team players as well as financially sensible. Cancer types work best in environments that provide a sense of community with overall respect. A Cancer is a valuable asset to any business, bringing nothing but positivity and high spirits. When Cancers take on responsibilities, they take them will full force. When their emotional needs are met, they are extremely loyal to their place of work, making them some of the most desirable team leaders.

Ideal Careers: Social Workers, Human Resource Employees, Executives



Leos are the leaders, making them top-notch bosses of the zodiac. Characteristics that can be spotted in our Leos are leadership skills, warmth, and generosity. A Leo is action-oriented, tackling each job they take on with efficiency. They are some of the most monumental bosses once they win over their team. Nothing will stand in the way of a Leo from achieving their goals.

Ideal Careers: CEO or CCO, Art Directors, Graphic Design
Leo Spotlight: Richard Hughes, Founder / CCO 
Leo Spotlight: Juan Nunez Prieto, Designer


Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. For being so intelligent, they tend to get the workaholic name. Employees and bosses under this sign are well known for their intense drive and ability to deliver top grade service. Tolerant of many work situations, Virgos will always be pushing the quality of their team into maximizing all projects into completion.

Ideal Careers: Creative Director, Therapist, Editor
Virgo Spotlight: Kaeli Ellis, Creative Director


Libras are bound to charm anything and anyone into oblivion. Articulate, charismatic, and fair, Librans are master communicators. What sets them apart is their desire to weigh both sides of every situation. Their knack for diplomacy makes them unfailingly fair and level headed. Libra is the sign of balance and the scales of justice, so understanding people’s motivations comes naturally to them. They can often use these even traits to excel in any career field.

Ideal Careers: Attorney, Photography, Art Director
Libra Spotlight: Killian Berry, Marketing Intern


Scorpios are both intense and practical. Their foreseen confidence is unshakable and easily noticed. They may be a quieter type, but Scorpios possess many redeeming qualities. For one, their perceptive minds offer a way to troubleshoot even the most difficult of tasks. As solo workers, Scorpios get the job done right the first time.

Ideal Careers: Crisis management, Journalism, Logistics



Sagittarius are by far the most idealistic of the zodiac. As positive beings, Sagittarians make for cheering on teammates on projects. They rarely run out of new ideas and produce results with a smile. Sagittarius like to talk, and have a gift of conversing with any type of coworker. Inspiring others, working hard, and being team players is what they do best. They encourage others to succeed in the workplace.

Ideal Careers: Travel agent, Entrepreneur, Working for a Non-Profit


Capricorns were built for success in the world of work. Like Virgos, they are extremely practical, building up all forms of success. Sensible with money, Capricorns are aware of their self-worth. A good bit of their self-worth is tied to their high professional standing. They crave being on top of their career field and inspire many to be as productive as them.

Ideal Careers: Marketing Director, Design Director, Creative Asset Protection
Capricorn Spotlight: Chloe Karavidas, Marketing Director 
Capricorn Spotlight: Kim Ortega Leon, Designer


Aquarians are true, free spirits. They are able to handle team assignments but also work well solo. The independent Aquarian coworker is guaranteed to be an original thinker. They do enjoy challenging the standards of a career field. Some may have multiple career fields under their belts as they grow into their professions.

Ideal Careers: Photography, Project management, Entrepreneur



The impressionable Pisces may not be interested in the typical 9 to 5, but he or she does possess many redeeming attributes. With a large mind full of imagination, Pisces are driven to produce creative outcomes for any work situation. Many of their solutions may not be mainstream, but unique in quality. They admire innovative workplaces where their creativity is valued. Individualistic careers are better valued for a Pisces being.

Ideal Careers: Psychologist, Illustrator, Art Program Director