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Wellife Global

By October 13, 2010January 25th, 2023No Comments

Wellife Global is a wellness company committed in excellence to helping bring better health to the people of world through our information, products and services.

ClearpH was charged with designing this brand from the ground up. We developed a brand that shared the ideals and beliefs of the company, that conveyed the benefits of the products and at the same time placed the company as strong and authentic. On this basis ClearpH utilized the symbolism of the Lotus Flower, which in Asian cultures represents purity, perfection and grace. The great thing about the Lotus Flower in this case is the tremendous alignment with the Mona Via products and Wellife Global, not just in symbolism but also in brand alignment, style and culture.

Richard Hughes, ClearpH‘s Creative Director, combined the clean, elegant Lotus Flower icon with a simple type treatment. The result is a brand that stands out, is easily recognizable and looks stunning.

ClearpH then produced a range of sales materials for Wellife Global, including a corporate brochure, with a high end look and feel. Wellife Global has a range of clients including executives, professionals and business leaders, so it is important to convey the integrity of  Wellife Global and what the company stands for.

We have been lucky to have an open and enjoyable relationship with the client on this project and look forward to seeing this business go from strength to strength. We truly believe that branding is critical when reaching out to a new customer base, when so much of the relationship in modern business is based on perceptions – of trust, reliability and credibility. Wellife Global is a great company that exemplifies those values, and we are pleased to have played our role in sharing that message with their customers.