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Lawyers: You Look Great, It’s Your Legal Brand that Needs Work

By October 18, 2017January 16th, 2023No Comments

To compete in a competitive marketplace, your law firm must be able to communicate what sets it apart from the competition. The first step? An authentic, memorable, legal brand.

Your legal brand should be reflected through every aspect of your firm — from marketing strategy, to daily operations, to website layout. When your brand delivers on multiple touch points, client satisfaction and brand awareness increases.

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The Situation

You’re a rising and/or already successful attorney. Your firm has a rich legacy or is taking steps to make it happen. Building the credibility of your firm is paramount, but it’s going to take new clients, associates, and resources. Your legal brand should pay homage to your firm’s credibility. It needs to stand out in your space as well as in your community.

The Challenges 

You’re busy. There aren’t enough hours in the day to promote your brand, nor do you have the expertise to effectively do so.

With a dose of humility and respect, we created a list of challenges we see the legal community facing when building a brand. By pinpointing the pain spots, we can better utilize our time and efforts to build compelling brands firms are proud to represent.

  • Pragmatic vs Creative Thinking 

Lawyers are notoriously regimented thinkers. That’s a large part of what makes you so efficient. Great branding and marketing requires creative, exploratory thinking — and that may be a bit out of your wheelhouse.

  • Florida Bar Advertising & Marketing Rules 

Lawyers are a special bunch, especially when it comes to marketing. The Florida Bar Handbook on Advertising Regulation needs to be in consideration for all marketing efforts.

  • You Live by the Billable Hour

Your time is money (literally). We understand that marketing your firm isn’t your main concern. Clients take precedence.

  • You Value Historical Precedence

Citing historical precedence is vital to your success. Evocative branding, social media, and leveraging your firm in the digital space requires re-calibrating the lens to the future.

  • Legal Help is Everywhere

Trends and technologies have made legal sites such as Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom readily available to just about anyone who seeks them out.

  • Consistent Message

Larger firms with multiple office locations may find it more difficult to identify with that one overarching message that resonates across various platforms and niches. Things to keep on the radar: regional differences, billing rates, attorney skill, tenure, and practice area.

  • Measurability

A successful marketing strategy should elevate the main goal. In law, the goal could range anywhere between increased revenue, client expansion, focus practice area, etc.

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No doubt, you’re the legal expert. We understand your challenges and can help you overcome them to build a great legal brand, while also growing your client base and legacy for your firm.

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