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Inside the DJ Booth with ADANAI

By June 3, 2013No Comments

The online nightlife and gaming site, ADANAI has announced exclusive interviews with some of the world’s biggest DJs. We worked alongside Jason Hutty of Republik Consulting to create the brand ADANAI. For those of you that unfamiliar with the brand still, that acronym stands for All Day All Night All In.

ADANAI kicked off the interview series with Electronic Dance Music wunderkind Porter Robinson. Other interviews will include Armin van Buuren, Bassnectar, M Machine and Cedric Gervais. The interviews using the moniker “Inside the ADANAI DJ Booth” will provide a window into the lives responsible for turning the sound up on global partying.

DJs have become the new pop stars in terms of broad reaching recognition within the music industry. While many pile into nightclubs by the droves to hear DJs like Kool-Aid, they only know their professional personas. “The positive reaction to our story about the Avicii hotel during Ultra led us to determine that people want to learn more about DJs” explained by Ki, ADANAI’s founder.

Both big name and local DJs will step into ADANAI’s booth. The interest in A-list DJs is clear. Unsung local DJs deserve proper recognition for keeping the crowd amp’d night after night. “We feel like the DJ playing the club every Thursday is probably a more fundamental part of the club kids’ existence than the once a year Tiesto or Deadmau5 experience,” continued Ki. ClearpH couldn’t agree more on the importance that all DJs play in the music industry. Our sort of in-house Disc Jockey Extraordinaire, DJ Fresh, is just one example of the valuable part DJs play in entertainment development.