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New Clear ph Collateral

By March 11, 2013January 25th, 2023No Comments

The new ClearpH business cards definitely make a bold statement. We love the contrast of the bright white 100% cotton paper with cool dark gray duplex bleed. The large, simplistic typography is perfectly complemented by the texture of the luxurious paper.

The tactile experience of the deep letter press on the logo is indescribably cool. The cherry on top of our design are the hand painted edges for a pop of cyan that was mixed to match our exact Pantone color. It seems as though so few designers are using tactile mediums nowadays. We are reviving print materials and going the extra mile to provide unprecedented excellence.

ClearpH Photobooks

For our custom “Photobooks” we partnered with our client CCM Printing located in Tampa, Florida. We carried the concept of the contrasting soft white vellum sheets and the high impact grid pages. We utilized customized pages personally directed towards our target clients. We echoed the design of our new responsive website and unique brand in the style of the book. In a day and age of downloadable pdf’s, it is always exciting and refreshing to be able to feel the weight of a printed book. If you wish to become a client of ours, you may just find one of these on your coffee table in the near future!

Take a look at what our client currently offers. CCM is an amazing company who have printed books for us in the past with less than a 24 hour turnaround!