Richard Hughes

Founder / Chief Creative Officer

At Work

While Richard is making the big decisions, he is the driving force of the clear balance between art + design at ClearpH. Every award-winning piece has Richard’s stamp of approval and personal flair. With over 50 awards from across the globe, it’s no surprise that Richard consistently sets new design trends. Of course his travels spanning the globe from Dubai to New York, Lagos and all over Europe have tremendously influenced his design methodology. Richard still looks at each new brand as an opportunity to create something ground breaking. Richard has spent decades working with countless successful brands such as KLM, Procter & Gamble – Pampers, Panteen Pro V, Cover Girl, Dubai Desert Golf Classic and Pepsi Co. His minimalist design approach and exceptional direction have always pointed true north.


To clear his mind, Richie enjoys a few rounds of golf, the sounds of 90’s R&B, as well as a spot of Earl Gray. His heart is always close to his wonderful children, Elliot and Arabella, even when they’re off exploring all the views from India. Richie’s always a doting and caring family man to many humans and dogs alike. Humble and gracious, hard working and good humored. Richie is as ambitious as he is creative. Perhaps all those scuffles during his formidable rugby years could have knocked a screw or two loose. That has yet to affect his unwavering sense of design or love of Helvetica.

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