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With a life-long passion for all things design, Kaeli takes a hands-on approach to art direction. She participates fully in both the formulation and execution of multiple facets of the design process. Working in a variety of artistic fields for nearly 2 decades, she has amassed a wide range of skills. She understands that with each new project comes the opportunity to add to her creative vocabulary, and that’ s something she’s always up for. Although Kaeli considers branding her “true love”, her passion and practice of art and design are by no means confined to digital forums. Alongside her commercial work, Kaeli also pursues numerous self-initiated projects and collaborations across an ever-expanding variety of media including photography, fashion, green design, painting, interior design and installation art. To date her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and earned her an array of recognitions and awards. Kaeli firmly believes that each and every client deserves her very best. Whether it’s a probono work for HomeAid Tampa Bay or a series of websites for Travelers Insurance, she knows that good design will make the project a success.


Although she is technically an Oregonian, Kaeli is anything but your average North-Westerner. 26 years ago she traded cold mountain air for the warm Gulf of Mexico and never looked back. In her spare time you’re more likely to find Kaeli under the sea than wandering the earth. An avid scuba diver and a lover of underwater photography, Kaeli’s second life is a couple atmospheres down.

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