Jade Tantillo

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Pensive, yet expressive, Jade adores conveying messages through mediums of writing and art. As a graduate of the University of Tampa with a major of Advertising and Public Relations, Jade is eager to learn and explore any dimension of creativity within these fields. This desire to learn causes Jade to challenge herself to reach new goals everyday. In that, she has been able to teach herself new languages, travel to new places, and network with great people. Not only does Jade express her inspirations through her copy, but through her artwork as well. Often, Jade contests herself further and incorporates the two mediums together. She believes these talents and experiences are imperative aids in her successes in the advertising and public relations field.


An innate travel bug, Jade constantly seeks out adventure. When Jade isn’t purchasing plane tickets, she can be found hiking, doing yoga, or buried in a book (or in a fort of blankets, watching the film version – which obviously isn’t as good!) No matter what she is up to, Jade is always eager to inspire and be inspired.


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