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Come SALE Away: Meet Gia & Darryl

By August 8, 2017No Comments
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For the first time in a few years, we’re welcoming right brainers into our left brained studio. Our founder and chief of creative, Richard Hughes, has been running a personal three-ring circus as the head master, the creator, and salesman extraordinaire. What could have been a daunting transition for Clear ph to open applicants for salespersons, it became one of our most impressive employee expansions to date. It is extremely important to us to have the right “culture fit” in the office and we’ve searched high and low for the personable talents that we now know as Gia and Darryl.

Gia lights up a room with her energy and her vibrant personality attracts positive energy and upbeat work from across the globe. Gia has a widely diverse background with over 20 years combined experienced in production, advertising, media and management analysis.  Prior to joining Clear ph, Gia worked for HSN as both a digital and television Supervising Producer. On the digital side, she produced special partnerships with global brands such as Disney, Universal Pictures, Norwegian Cruise Line, Toyota, Ford, and Aetna. For broadcast, she managed the live show experience for Tony Little Brands and the HSN Culinary Division including celebrity chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Curtis Stone. She has also worked for companies such as The Florida Press Association, KPMG Consulting, Media General and Palm Beach Media Group.

In her spare time, she has been an independent entertainment producer, lead singer and lyrist for an originals rock band, member of an audio and visual skit-comedy troupe, co-host and producer of a satirical news podcast, and is currently finishing her first novel.

With dual strengths both creative and organizational, Gia’s leadership will play a crucial role in the strategic growth of our firm. She is the definition of “Girl in Action” and you definitely want to be a part of what she has going on.

Darryl has an amiability unparalleled to other salesmen. Organized and operating like a well-oiled machine, Darryl works with clients quickly and makes the process seamless. His ambition, consideration, and experience evoke clients’ trust in him immediately. Darryl’s vast background gives him the mastery over the market. Darryl has nearly 20 years in branding, marketing, strategic planning, and business development. Before hopping aboard Clear ph, Darryl spent one-half his career in various marketing roles with household F&B CPGs, including Kraft, Starbucks, Kettle Foods, Annie’s, and others. The other immersed in the agency scene and helped facilitate partnerships with Intel, Arby’s, Cisco, a Wolverine subsidiary, and other (real) fun brands. He also worked for the pre-Brooklyn New Jersey Nets and Wimbledon (but, didn’t meet our CCO Richie there).

When he’s not out at the nearest networking event, Darryl is fanboying hard on St. Pete. He’s heavily involved with various city initiatives, The Rowdies Council (COYR), enjoys pop art painting, is a proud sci-fi and comic nerd…and can usually be found with an Americano walking his very handsome Boston Terrier, Gary around St. Pete.    

As a connector, communicator, and strategist, Darryl is a natural fit to help build new, scalable partnerships for Clear ph.

Both of our new superhero salespeople have already delivered. Clear ph puts clients and creativity at the forefront and due to this new introduction, the client experience is greatly improved and processes and services are flowing better than ever before.

Gia and Darryl are constantly buzzing around the St. Pete/Tampa Bay area, so it’s time to put your brand’s identity at the forefront and get your project started with Clear ph. Our team is here for you and your brand’s success.