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Clear ph Designs the Perfect Castle for Kings

By January 6, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments


Downtown St. Petersburg is home to countless restaurants. The restaurant oriented, Stephen Schrutt is owner and operator of a delightful bundle of such.

Stephen originally came to us for inspiration and design for his restaurants, The Avenue Eat & Drink: a casual, lively burger joint on 1st Avenue and Kings Street Food Counter: a diner-style grab-and-go. We are also currently assisting Stephen in his development of Proper “Que & Cocktails”.

Clear pH proudly worked closely with the owner and operator of these restaurants to create unforgettable environments to contribute to an overall incredible social eatery experience.

“Under My Umbrella”

Our logo motif brings Stephen Schrutt’s recent umbrella company creation to life. Hunger + Thirst will oversee his other three tasty contributions to the world of restaurants.

The Design

On some occasions, clients will come to us with an already established logo in search of a makeover. We used our creative, food-and-drink-loving noggins to create the Hunger + Thirst logo from scratch – as we have previously done for Schrutt’s restaurants.

The design itself that our team came up with consists of a simplified, elegant image of a fork within a bottle. The lines create a scene of negative space inside a hexagon shape, which represents the historical St. Petersburg pavers that our found throughout our city’s streets.

We’ve redesigned our agency website to better serve our audience with a simplified visual design language and strong emphasis on how we approach digital design, branding, and content creation.