At Clear ph, our team becomes family. Family with exceptional taste in music. We are an eclectic bunch, complimented from all corners of the world (for some of us, maybe even the universe). We admire new talents and fresh perspectives and we’re always open to accept applicants. We’re not always actively pursuing applicants, but we keep resumes on file for future reference, so if ever we feel we are in need of your talents we will definitely reach out with an offer. Hire you? Inspire us.


Graphic Design
Environmental Design


Web Development


Project Management
Social Media & Content Manager

Actively Hiring

Graphic Design

Our designers explore the unearthed sectors of the design world to create astonishing visual representation of our clients’ brands. We constantly inspire each other so our graphic designers design cohesively as well as independently. Your portfolio speaks a thousand words. Please send us final samples of your work for extensive review and consideration. If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch. At Clear ph, our team becomes a family, so let’s meet and determine if we’re the right fit for one another.

Social Media & Content Manager

This position calls for a creative communicator to work with trends and influences to produce and publish original, high-quality, engaging social media practices. You are responsible for the development of brand awareness and online reputation. You will identify content performance and curate posts accordingly. You will work full-time from our office in St. Petersburg, Florida to manage and publish content via Blogging, white papers, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, among other platforms. Duties will include managing an events calendar, community listening/monitoring, moderation and engagement. You will work with the Director of Client Partnerships and report to the Creative Director.

Internal and external management for Clear ph and clients, Creative communicator, Strong writing skills, Content planning and management, Budget-management skills, Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends, PR experience a plus, Sales CRM experience preferred, Hubspot certification a plus

Available Internships

Graphic Design

What You Give
As a Graphic Designer Intern, you should come in with your ego low and your mind opened. Expect to learn a lot, apply everything, and work closely with award-winning creatives and high-end clientele.

What You Get
We provide our interns with time-sensitive projects to build up experience and portfolio. Our objectives are to assist you in realizing your passion and give you the stones to lay out a path toward your career.

Public Relations

What You Give
We take on Public Relations Interns that are eager to contribute on a larger scale. Their engaging content fully support a clients’ strategy by executing it in different phases. They communicate and build relationships with current or prospect clients. Our PR interns are expected to provide concrete deliverables to our clients.

What You Get
Our PR interns finish their internship with a clear visibility into the inner workings and aspects of the public relations field. Through communicating and relationship building with current or prospect clients, the intern acquires a new strand of networking that they may have lacked before.

Social Media Intern

What You Give
We’re in search of a self-motivated creative to join our team as an intern. You should be at the forefront of what’s trending and relevant on a local and national scale. As an intern, you must be eager to learn and capable of working in a fast-paced environment alongside the Marketing Manager, the Creative Director, and our clients. You’ll be responsible for contributing to content generation and the publishing of original, highquality, engaging social media posts. This responsibility aids to the development of brand awareness and online reputation. You will identify content performance and curate posts accordingly.

Internal and external management for Clear ph and clients, Creative communicator, Strong writing skills, Content planning and management, CRM experience is a plus

What You Get
You will be a supporting role in cutting-edge internet marketing strategies, while learning fundamental marketing and social media skills. This position will give you a hands-on experience with working as a part of a team in a fast moving agency. You will have the opportunity to make valuable contributions to build a portfolio that focuses on brand awareness, drive strategy, internet traffic measuring, and strategic customer experience.

Environmental Designer

What You Give
Combining creative and technical skills to apply within a project based environment, the intern may be required to implement communication skills in assisting clients and presentations, resource updating, vendor management, assisting designers, and participating in design teams.

What You Get
Environmental Design internships offer multi-faceted experiences. You’ll leave with a better, real-world understanding of how to work with high-end clients and take concepts and put them into motion.