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Can Environmental Design End Thermostat Wars?

By October 4, 2017January 16th, 2023No Comments

Too hot. Too cold. *Sigh* Just right…

If your office is anything like ours, you know how hard it is to please everyone when it comes to room temperature. No matter the time of year, somebody is sweating while somebody else is shivering.

You can imagine our excitement when we discovered someone invented a solution to bring thermostat wars to a halt.

Italian architect Carlo Ratti designed an office space that features individually-tailored “environmental bubbles” for every employee. The architect’s firm, Carlo Ratti Associati, took the Agnelli Foundation cultural institution’s 20th-century home and transformed it into Office 3.0 – a contemporary office that now serves as the headquarters for the Foundation.

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Curiosity, peaked. 

We aren’t exactly sure of how the Ratti Associati pulled off this kind of futuristic, technologic wizardry. What we do know is that it has something to do with environmental design and the Internet of Things, where each person uses an app to to adjust heating, cooling, and lighting to fit their comfort levels. In turn, this creates single environmental bubbles that follow employees wherever they go.

According to an article in Dezeen, Office 3.0’s system is based on “hundred of WiFi-enabled sensors that collect data relating to occupancy, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, and the status of meeting rooms.”

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By accommodating each employee’s temperature and lighting preferences, offices can cut energy consumption end ongoing thermostat wars.

Ratti encourages us to start designing environments that feel as inviting as our own homes. He told Dezeen “that by seamlessly integrating digital technologies within the physical space, we can forge better relationships between people and with the building they inhabit, ultimately fostering interaction and creativity.”

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From a business stance, we are looking forward to the shift towards office spaces that are environmentally-friendly as well as design-conscious. Like Ratti, we believe your work place should resonate with you just as your home does.

At Clear pH, we create environments that are not only ecologically sound, but enhance and encourage productivity.

Learn more about environmental design and how to enhance your space with Clear ph.

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