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After a series of comprehensive revisions, Tampa Bay City Living’s enthusiastic real estate website morphed into a sophisticated digital portfolio.

When crafting an online presence, the first question should be: what is the purpose of your site? 

Do you want to directly sell products to your customers? Provide information about your company? Display your firm’s best or most recent work?

Knowing and understanding the purpose of your website will allow you to properly convey the underlying rationale for everything displayed on your site — from the general aesthetics to the contents disclosed in each tab.

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From Selling a Vision to Selling Yourself 

Tampa Bay City Living had to ask themselves what the purpose of their website is when they decided their current design needed a refresh. The answer? A clean, easy-to-navigate page that would give their luxury developments a proper stage from which to show clients, partners and investors. In short, they needed an online portfolio.

With a new vision in place, our creatives got to work, starting at inspiration’s ground zero — the buildings themselves.

Simplicity Can Impress

In redesigning Tampa Bay City Living’s new website, obsolete design aspects were discarded in lieu of a more sleek, European look. We gave the home page’s prime real estate to a sliding gallery of high quality project renderings, ridding the original site’s stock aerial photos in the process.

We optimized TBCL’s new site, making it far more compatible and mobile friendly for potential buyers and investors to locate a property easily using Google Maps.

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Creating an Identity 

We highlighted Tampa Bay City Living’s developments by branding each one uniquely based on their project details. Now, each development holds a different identity, which includes a logo, name, and stylized pre-sale materials. Added features made it possible to sort the projects by location, time of completion, and availability. Lastly, a gallery was incorporated into each project’s page (give one of our favorites, Belfair, a peak). While the properties are now able to thrive on their own, they all contribute to the overall look and feel of Tampa Bay City Living’s new website.

The accessibility that TBCL prides itself on for its real life clients, has now been extended to its digital followers.

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Good Web Design Inspires Good Business Practices 

Tampa Bay City Living’s revamped website is already motivating its team members to grow in new ways. The photo-rich site has influenced the company to further develop their creative processes when documenting projects.

Once the inspired, our web designers and developers are now the ones inspiring. 

Let’s sit down for a free consultation and explore the ways we can improve your development/architecture/builder website. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Tampa Bay City Living‘s new look.