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801 Ways of Alternative Marketing

By May 5, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments

They always say, “You are what you eat.” Well, we are what we brand. We’ve been seeing a whole lot of yellow, here at Clear pH, lately. Hand in hand with developer, Aspen VG, we have brought a new urban development to life.

Clear pH took conception to completion with our latest project, 801 Conway on Burlington Avenue in St. Petersburg. Before our little yellow birdie could fly, we had to bring the mental picture to reality. Our talented team of creatives rendered interior and exterior images of the future living spaces. These flawless renderings are featured on our 801 Conway website design and are prime examples of our capabilities in architectural branding.

We kept realty real. Clear pH rode along an alternative path for marketing 801 Conway. We created a campaign which resonated within the St. Petersburg community. Our 801 Conway Street Team rode around on yellow Pure Fix bicycles, giving out collateral galore – sunglasses, drink koozies, USB bracelets, postcards – to potential new neighbors.

801 Conway is a development geared toward Millennials. We made sure we hit all of the touch points for an unforgettable campaign. Our unique take on a typically lame marketing strategy was thorough and created solid brand consistency. Clear pH really focused in on creating memories for those interested in the units through exciting events and creative murals Downtown.

Throughout the campaign, Clear pH provided a strong team presence at all of the 801 Conway events – after all, we are neighbors, too. Clear pH managed the 801 Conway sales center office right across the hall to ensure our overall contact with our client as well as the potential home buyers. We’re just about ready to let this little yellow birdie fly on its own.

Pretty well rounded, aren’t we? That’s Clear.